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Hello and welcome to the site. My name is Julian Browne and I work in the software industry. I started this site back in 2007 and now (2023) plan to pick up where I left off.


I started out in the 90s as what they used to call a sys admin. Then worked as a software engineer for about 15 years, slowly moving more into software architecture. But whenever I introduced myself as an architect I would immediately feel the need to apologise, because it was (and in some cases still is) a role performed so badly in many organisations that I just assumed everyone would hear the word and think oh here we go, another corporate powerpoint monkey.

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That led to a lot of transformational projects (organisations wanting to implement some form of agility, or to become more digital), which in turn led me to one of the founding members of Hive, a start-up organisation funded by Centrica, which later acquired AlertMe for $100m and got me entangled with the world of investors and M&A and Due Diligence. After Hive I joined a scale-up business created by Inflexion Private Equity as CTO and then last year I did an stint as an interim CTO for a UK marketplace scale-up that had seen some wild growth during Covid.

I decided to start writing again because it’s been 5 years since my last posting and I have amassed a lot to say about how businesses think about their tech functions, especially the differences between those who use tech to their commercial advantage and those who for various reasons are unable to embrace it.

I love software and what it can do. And after over 30 years of working with it I still get that tingle when I think they-pay-me-for-this? . And we should all take our tingles where we can.

This is a beautiful field to work in. Few understand just how beautiful. Fewer still see the beauty that could be.


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