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The Inevitability of Evil

14 minute read

Thumbnail image for 'The Inevitability of Evil' Google’s code of conduct begins with the phrase “Don’t be evil”. If you work for, or with, Google you’re meant to follow the code. Google’s management enforce the code to the extent that you’re even protected from retaliation if you blow the whistle on someone who is being evil. Staff rarely looked forward to the team building offsite I have a...

The Grand High Order of the Easter Bunny

7 minute read

Thumbnail image for 'The Grand High Order of the Easter Bunny' I’ve talked, rather a lot, about my views on the use of open source software in the big fat corporate enterprise. Because these rambles have been at conferences or in occasional blog posts, the pitch has been aimed at enterprise developers: Use open-source where you can, but do not think of it simply as a “free” resource; give something back to community through promoting it, patching it, e...

The New New Tool

7 minute read

Thumbnail image for 'The New New Tool' Bob and Alice sit in a cubicle at the end of the floor. For much of their working day they are pissed off. They are forced to do their job using a tool implemented by The Project some years ago. The Tool was an over-complex inappropriate hulk when it was selected. The Tool is made by The Big Vendor. We’ve all heard of The Big Vendor. They mar...

NoSQL in the Enterprise

30 minute read

Thumbnail image for 'NoSQL in the Enterprise' Welcome to part two. Last time we looked at the experience of getting a NoSQL product accepted in an enterprise environment. Assuming you got through that, the next step is to do something useful with it. Like any tool, you will only get good stuff out if you know how make the best of it. In this case that means not treating it too much like a relational database and understanding the internal ...

Freedom from the Tyranny of Schemas

14 minute read

Thumbnail image for 'Freedom from the Tyranny of Schemas' Time flies - it was nearly two years ago that I wrote Strained Relationships, an article extolling the potential benefits of NoSQL data stores. My main point then, and now, was that certain features of the new wave of non-relational products looked a promising solution (in part) to improving speed-of-change in large enterprises. Sadly, too many articles in the NoSQL space still focus their atte...